Welcome to my blog. After a blogging break in 2019, The Covid-19 crisis in 2020 has made me reflect on life and the purpose of my creativity. In my blog posts, I reflect on my journey to here and hopefully along the way impart some wisdom and inspiration for living a creative life. I started to keep a diary when I was about 10 and I enjoy the cathartic nature of writing. My reading list stacked on my bedtime table includes soulful books - books on creativity - and a stack of novels. There's never enough time to read - but when I have digested some of the thoughts of others I try to impart some of that wisdom - to concrete it in my own thinking and share it with others. My life is busy with two growing lads, a creative husband, home, garden and allotment. Making and baking, sewing and growing are all a part of my week. I love what I do - but I'm not always the best at sitting still. I hope you will settle with a cup of tea and stay a while.....

Back in the day I had another blog - you can read my thoughts as I found my feet as a new mum and built my fledgling business - read more here.

Helen Hallows


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