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August - strength

Art is a way of life, a calling, and as such it is a lifestyle. Much of our lives have been shaped around the ideas of linear accomplishment, studying, doing things in the right order to achieve a set goal. Art scuppers those ideas. It's less tangible, and although we can find ways of creating in certain ways, it doesn't really have a beginning, a middle and an end. It can be exhausting when the urge to create hits and you have to fulfil that call. and there is a duty to serve that calling, to eat well, sleep, and go see the world and bottle up the inspiration.

Summer is my season, when I feel most myself. I love the energy and freedom of longer days. I'm fortunate to have a teacher for a husband so we have time to explore and dream. This summer we went to Snowdonia for a week of feeling the elements. We wanted to be outside, to feel life.

Summers of my childhood were spent in mid Wales and as soon as we were in Snowdon, I was taken back to the soundtrack of those holidays, the rush of water, the bleet of sheep. Mr H is more of a walker than I am but inspired by the YHA magazine we decided that the children were old enough to climb Snowdon and the challenge began! I didn't really think they could do it, or that I could, to be frank. but in four hours we had reached the top, basked in cloud. The sense of achievement was amazing!