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Come on in!

Hello! Thanks for coming to find out more about me, my art and studio life. I am fascinated by people's creative spaces and how their personalities come through in the art, materials and objects that they choose to have around them.

My studio is my sanctuary and an extension of me. Hundertwasser wrote about the layers of ourselves, starting with our soul, our skin, clothes and homes. I love that I get to curate all of those. I thought you might like to take a peek....

In July's Artists and Illustrators magazine, there's a feature about garden studios and I was asked to contribute. It made me tidy up (!) and appreciate my studio as both sanctuary and work room and all that I am able to do in there. It works as a space for filming my online art courses, creating my mixed media artwork and as a library of resources with books and magazines and a space for processing ideas surrounded by my works in progress and pin boards. I also pack and wrap orders here and if there's a moment, I sit and look at the garden and meditate.