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Please find below my mentoring policy. If you have any questions you can contact me using the Contact button at the bottom of the page.....

Mentoring Terms and Conditions:

The Mentor/Mentee relationship is one of support and guidance. It is not coaching or teaching. I offer up my experiences to support and help you in the decisions that you need to make about your business. 

As Mentor, I am not responsible for what you do with that advice - this includes any legal decisions made.

As Mentee you will need to be open-minded, reflective, and be responsible for deciding upon your actions (with my help in goal setting) to move forwards. 

I will respect your views, your experiences, background, race, gender and sexuality. 

All information is shared in confidence and I will respect your privacy. I will not discuss our relationship with anybody unless it is for legal reasons. 

Both Mentor and Mentee must respect professional, commercial and artistic ethics. 

As Mentor, it is my role to listen to you, share my experiences, challenge preconceptions, clarify the possibilities and affirm suggested routes forwards. This will be done in the spirit of positive affirmation and validation.

(updated January 2023)

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