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May - Enjoy your creative life

Detail from'May Morning' available as an A3 print for £20 + p&p

On a few of my workshops recently, all focused on creating sketchbooks, the conversation has been about using your sketchbook to maintain your creative flow. This moved us on to a discussion about the process of your work. Without an enjoyment of process, you can't enjoy your creative output. for me, once the process becomes functional and formulaic, I lose the enjoyment of creating. I kind of feel the same about life! And it is the new adventures, the new projects that keep life interesting! All that stimulation feeds into my creativity, keeping the well of creativity topped up allows me to keep creating. But giving myself permission to explore the new, have playdates and adventures isn't always easy!

So far this year my focus has been on travel as I have been developing my online Travel Sketchbook course. Having young children limited where I was prepared to travel to, as well as limiting funds to go but as they have grown, (and continue to grow at an alarming rate!) I want them to have some of the opportunities I had to experience different places.