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Awakening Your Creative Practice

Creativity is about change – the real risk is getting stuck. So how do we stay in our creative flow, develop new work and flourish?

The Nurtured Artist is all about how we plant the seeds of new ideas and nourish our creativity to step into a sense of who we are as makers and artists. Finding and maintaining a flow state is what my mixed-media online art courses are about – I want you to find that elusive place where you are lost in the moment of your art making with no hindrance from what has gone before or what may be.

Of course, after a year of a global pandemic we are all having to adapt and embrace change, though within that chaos we can sometimes search for the safety and sanctity of what we know. But without change, nothing innovative will happen. With certainty, no growth can occur. There is by necessity a risk taking in artistic enquiry.

“To the artist, art is a verb”, or being a child of the seventies, a ‘doing’ word! It’s a process, not a product, and the joy comes from the making. There are highs and lows, battles and dilemnas. Once that process is boxed into a formula, there is little risk, and little pleasure, and the easy perfection of a well-honed, repeated outcome gives little reward.

With that knowledge, why are we so fearful of change? So fearful of getting it wrong?