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October - achievements

moodboard for Autumn Sketchbooks

It's that time of the year where you realise that before you blink it'll be another year! I started 2017 with great intentions and a long to-do list and I'm on track to meet my goals. Setting realistic goals is always hard as a creative as new ideas arrive late at night when I'm sitting in front of the fire or out on a walk. I love Autumn for those rituals of colourful walks, followed by sitting in front of the fire with a book. It's when I step away from the work of running my creative business, when I create space for my mind to wander, that ideas fall like autumn leaves and I try and catch them. It's hard to create that time for ourselves when we're busy with the busyness of doing and selling but my creative mind needs that stillness and escape.

Student drawing on my Landscape Sketchbook workshop

Student collaging on my Landscape Sketchbook Workshop

When I run my art workshops I try to create that space for others to explore their creativity, a quiet, supportive space, away from wifi to slow down and tune in to our creative souls. I've run a few recently exploring mixed-media drawing, both in the studio and in the landscape. its been a great inspiration to me and I have started a new series of landscapes based on my sketching in the summer. You can follow my day to day progress on my Instagram feed.

I met the goal of publishing my Autumn Sketchbook which is now available along with Spring and Summer from my online shop, where you can also pre-order my Winter Sketchbook.

Looking ahead I will be showing my work at the Welbeck Winter Weekend at the Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire on the 24th 25th and 26th of November. Following that I'll be at the Staffordshire Contemporary Artist and Designer Fair in Leek on the 2nd and 3rd of December.

So for now, I'm trying to keep pace with life and keep my focus, let the leaves fall steadily and catch those I can whilst letting go of the others.

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