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Updated: May 1, 2020

It has been such a busy year and an exciting one! I fulfilled a long held ambition to write and present an e-course. It has been a great success and wonderful to be able to reach a wider audience and see how my students took my ideas and inspiration and returned from their travels with sketchbooks filled with creative responses to happy memories.

I love to teach and share the connection that creativity brings. I love to engage with others about what it means to be creative and what creativity brings us in a complex world. My direction with teaching has always been to get people to realise their own innate creativity and find their own creative voice.

Except that somehow I have lost my own voice!

Amongst the busy-ness of work and parenting, I forgot to take care of myself. I forgot to keep planting the creative seeds and to water them daily. And then I wondered why I felt spent.

So I am taking another lesson from nature, I hear her. She too has just worked hard through the spring and summer months and now prepares to rest. My rest will see me reconnecting with myself and my creative source. I'm going to surround myself with goodness, gentleness, inspiration and give myself time.

Brene Brown described play as 'time without purpose'. And I think that is the biggest gift I can give myself right now. Now that I have taken off the angst of what I should do, I'm so looking forward to re-awakening my creative soul and sharing the journey.

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