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Clutter is my middle name

This week was back-to-school week after the Easter holiday. A holiday that came after a self-isolation for my youngest, that came after a three month lockdown, that came after the year that was 2020. This week has felt like freedom for this Artist-Teacher-Mentor-Mum.

My first reclaim of my own space was a studio spring clean. Of course it is the season but after a momentous period of juggling responsibilities, I needed to find the corners of my space and fall in love with it again. I am so blessed to have a beautiful studio that is all my own. Every day I am grateful with what it provides me with for my soul and for my business.

But Clutter is my middle name! Like most creatives, and especially as a mixed-media artist, it is easy to hoard materials and equipment for some future point in time when they will be useful. Then there are the art pieces and sketchbooks that accrue over time, as well as stuff extradited from the house but with no real purpose here.