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June - What are sketchbooks for?

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I keep a sketchbook as an act of noticing. I practice yoga as a way of slowing in the incessant push to achieve and get things done. I find time with my sketchbook a similar mindset - it is time to explore, to slow, to notice and to record. Both activities are time I spend with myself - connecting inwards to my passion for art and making and connecting outwards to all that we are. A day spent drawing is an exploration of being human - coming face to face with expectations, failures, unexpected delights as well as the physical process of looking and seeing surface, shape, pattern and line.

Like yoga, drawing is a practice and a regular commitment reaps dividends. It enables us to slow and look and notice. In that, we make decisions about what we want to record and how we see the world. It is reflective time and totally absorbing.