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I studied Woven Textiles at Loughborough College of Art & Design after completing a Foundation Course at St. Alban’s College of Art.


Following graduation I travelled around India and had my mind blown with the potential of life and the wonder of pattern and colour.


For five years I lived and worked in London as a textile designer creating stationery and home ware designs for international clients.


For over 20 years I have lived and created in the Midlands where I am blessed to have a beautiful studio at the bottom of my garden where I make mixed-media art work and run my business offering online courses to help you go from creative block to creative flow. 

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Helen Hallows- About me Studio stamps.jpg

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t want to create things.


A day isn’t complete if I haven’t made something. So life is a balance of painting, cooking, sewing, knitting and growing. I have always been a thinker and love the big questions of “What is art for?” and “What is life about?”. 


I find the answers in the beat of nature and find solace trying to live simply. I plant seeds as often as I can and love to eat what I grow. My art stems from these simple acts of living.

Art becomes a meditation - the process more important than the end result. I give myself permission to play and to grow my art!

The landscapes I create resonate with people. They are naive and colourful. They tell stories of journeys we have made and those we are yet to embark on. They are about peace and joy, about kinship and soulful meditation; images to uplift and inspire.


I advocate for art and artists and support others through my mentoring. I work with mid-life artists and makers empowering creative and business confidence.


I hope to connect others to the simple pleasures of their daily life and share what it means to be alive. I work with paint, collage and stitch to create original artworks that I sell through galleries and at art fairs and events. I publish my own range of prints and art cards. I also sell a range of books featuring images of my work.

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You can see more of my studio life on my Instagram page.

Melbourne Festival done! One very tired artist! Thanks to everyone who came and purchased.

Art and wellbeing sit closely together for me. If I don't nurture myself I can't create.

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Making art is as much about the process as the outcome.

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Nature inspires my art - I respond with a naive line and a strong sense of colour and pattern. I create my originals in ink, paint, collage and stitch. They tell stories of the seasons and the landscape and express a yearning for simplicity and a slower pace of life. ​

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Sharing my techniques and ideas allows me to nurture creativity in others. I teach in a supportive way believing that nourishment, inspiration and encouragement help you to develop your creativity. I offer a range of online workshops for all levels.​

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I am passionate about business and growing it in an

ethical and holistic way where success is measured by wellbeing and the balance of making and marketing. I offer mentoring support to midlife makers and artists.​

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