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A month of adventure

It's August and I can feel a shift in the air. I'm noticing the stars again as the nights get a bit darker a bit earlier. Just a little bit but enough to feel the tilt of the year. It's making me mindful that summer won't last forever and I need to absorb the sunshine, the warmth and fill myself with goodness and good experiences.

This strangest of years has taught me many lessons. Not least that I have more strings to my bow than I thought. Also resilience to see a project (or two) through. I've spent most of this year with 99 tabs open in my brain. Last week I closed all but a few.

I had the great pleasure of getting away to see the sea. It was so restorative to put my feet in hot sand and cool sea. I packed my usual creative projects of sketchbook and knitting. But mostly I just sat. I read the most wonderful of books 'The Salt Path' by Raynor Winn. Her and her husband's journey as they navigate loss and the South West Coastal Path was truly inspiring.

What I mostly did was look at the horizon. That imperceptible line where the heavens meet the earth. I absorbed the blueness of it all. I took off the year and laid it down and gave myself permission just to be.

My coping strategy has been to create a schedule of work, family, yoga - to take control of life and prove that I can cope. And I have - but it's left me tired. I've shifted away from planning to being in the moment - shifted from perfectionism to 'good enough' but there seem to be spaces missing. Life at home has no spaces between the responsibilities and pleasures of life. With few places open that I would usually seek solace and inspiration my journeys have been inwards. As we move into this new chapter of being, as we rekindle activities outside the home - it seems to me that the stress of the preceding months will spill over unless we take a chance to rest.

It was wonderful to go to the sea, to be still and I have brought some of that stillness home. I am taking the month ahead to recalibrate - to find balance between work and rest, being out and being in. I am planning a month of soul enriching adventures - listening to what I need and responding accordingly. They might be the smallest adventures - visiting the swan on the canal and her cygnets - a picnic somewhere new - a bike ride. But somewhere out there I hope to be able to fully rest and re-cooperate.

There's a saying by Voltaire "Il faut cultiver notre jardin" which translates as we must cultivate our garden and means that it all starts with us. Or as Gandhi said - "Be the change you wish to see in the world". I've been reflecting on how what I do affects all. How we are all intertwined and how in this year of change I want to grow.