June - energetic authenticity

I started to write this post in June. It was to be about feeling Summer's energy and using it to fuel your unique self. But it didn't get written.

At the time I was crazy busy with workshops, and planning for the autumn, a commission, and then all the juggling that comes at the end of the summer term with school plays, and sports days to be fitted in. And then we tipped into the summer holidays and still this post remained unpublished!

I look at the notes I wrote about the intentions for this post

"energy, use the light, authenticity, tell your story. Go to places - find your inspiration (satisfy all the senses)"

and I realise that instead of writing about it I went and did it and that makes me happy! My allotment has bloomed and fed us heaps of courgettes and beetroot with which I have made yummy food. I've been out and about with my sketchbook, gathering ideas. (And my Summer sketchbook got published).

We've been to the forest to camp, to the sea to paddle, been crabbing in the pouring rain, had fires and danced to some great music. I feel full up on Summer and rich with memories.

quote from Anita Krizzan

I really hope that you've had an inspiring summer and that you're filled up on life and ready for a creative Autumn.

You can buy my Summer Sketchbook here.

You can book a workshop here.

You can see my new prints here.

Or come and say 'hello' at Wirksworth Festival or Melbourne Festival

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