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From 2011 to 2021 I created originals, prints, cards and books inspired by the landscape. You can see my archive here.

In 2020 I took all my courses online and reconfigured the focus of my work. I built upon my in-person workshops and the focus became the sketchbook as the central part of developing unique and original ideas. My online courses share this love of the sketchbook for connecting to self and 'the source' and creating a foundation for developing a strong creative voice - whatever the final outcome.

I began to use my sketchbook more and in that space found I was letting go of the landscapes that had captivated me for so long and moving towards a more mark based interpretation of what is around me. This rendered itself in an excitement with more abstract shapes, gestural mark and a rekindling of a relationship with textiles.

In order for me to move into this space I have felt the need to 'put down' what went before and so have created an archive of the previous decade's work. Whilst I make steps into the new version of me I have added this page to share what I am creating and give myself permission to grow.