With twenty years experience to draw upon, I offer support to small businesses and artist/makers developing their commercial brand. Whether you need a one off session to kick start a new project or ongoing support to keep you on track, I can give advice on:

Brand development & design

Licensing designs for products

Social media support and blogging

Planning and sustaining your business

Motivational support


Managing your creative flow

Cash flow and self employment

Sessions can be 1:1 in person or by Zoom. Group mentoring available. Price is £30 per session. You'll get a 45 mins - 1 hour session face-to-face and two follow top emails to check in with you.

Please use the contact page to discuss your requirements.

Mentoring allows you to work alongside someone who has experience of many of the highs, lows and hard work of running a business. I have been self employed, as a designer and then an artist, for over twenty years! Running  a creative business creatively is, as you know, hard work and sometimes we need support in that.


As I became established I found that sustaining my business became more challenging. As a creative I wanted to always try new things but my business head said I should stick with one thing. Sometimes it helps to have someone else look into our head, see all the swirling creativity and help us to decide where are energies should be put. It is as much about knowing what to say ‘no’ to as to say ‘yes’ to. Running a creative business is often about confidence and having someone to advocate for us, and build our confidence can be very helpful for achieving long term goals. Finding ways of working on long term ambitions, whilst maintaining the day to day of running a business can be challenging and having someone to guide our plans and offer advice can lead to results. Life isn’t just about running a business, I’m so much happier now that I have a balanced life. I have found a way for me to run my business that suits my lifestyle, ambitions and talents. 


I bring my experience to help you. You might want a regular session to ‘check-in’ and set goals. You may have a project that you know won’t get off the ground without setting aside specific time for it and having some extra input.  I can help with planning, prioritising and support you as an advisor. I work in a holistic way, balancing head and heart to satisfy your creativity and your business needs.


If you think I can help you, or you’d like to chat and work out a plan of action, you can get in touch here.

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