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Express Yourself

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Where the summer was all about getting out and about and finding inspiration for my landscape art, visiting and sketching, September has been about getting into new routines, October is about conserving energy – finding a balanced pace so avoid arriving in winter exhausted and dishevelled! It’s my favourite month (do I say that every month?!). I like the quietening, I like seeing the stars again and tracking the waxing and waning moon in a velvety night sky. There are the trees to admire, leaves to collect and a crispening of mornings. Later in the month as the leaves drop, I love to kick through a rusty pile and hear the change of the seasons.

A large part of my archive is Autumn based work. It is a palette I love and the work evolves from the resources I gathered in the summer months. There’s an authenticity to the work that has evolved from a moment in nature, captured in a sketch, plotted as a design and evolved into a finished landscape. There’s a melancholy attached to having winter around the corner, but I take solace in the celebrations along the way – in Halloween and Bonfire night – celebrations that are around gathering, being in nature, about food and family and friends. And I love getting my boots on and layering up!