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March - Intentions

Spring is the season of intention. Where New Year's resolutions get lost in the exhaustion of January, March with its slowly lengthening days is full of hope and a great time to make plans. Whilst creativity is about following your heart and letting ideas blossom freely, without structure and discipline those ideas can often blow away on the wind.

This year I am running my business with the seasons. I have broken my calendar up into four twelve week blocks with a week in between for planning. What it has enabled me to do is to create a structure for my creative plans. Whilst a year seems a long time, a quarter year seems to fit with my brain. And once I have a rough plan of my intentions for each season, I can hold a twelve week plan in my head and fine tune a week-to-week and day-to-day plan. It is not all about work either. My creativity feeds off my life so making sure I plan time for family, gardening, days out, inspiring workshops and cinema trips and holidays means I know that the inspiration will be there to feed my creativity. It is all about sowing the seeds for creative growth.

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