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When you take one of my online courses you become a member of my online community, The Nurtured Artist, where you can keep in touch with fellow course attendees and continue to grow your sketchbook and your creative confidence! 

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I have always enjoyed thinking about life and art and here I share my musings about keeping a sketchbook, staying in flow and how to keep growing as a creative.


Here you can find snippets from courses and find out more about the ethos and ideas behind my work and how I can help you get into a regular sketchbook practice and find your creative voice. 


Since 2015 I have been publishing my sketchbooks as a series of collectable and giftable packages of inspiration! 

Inspired by the seasons I share my art, studio and process pieces with you.

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Follow my socials for day to day inspiration and to see works in progress.

I love the community that Instagram has enabled me to build with followers and students around the globe!

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