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Updated: May 1, 2020

My previous post came from a place of needing rest and I responded to that calling.

I often think, like Hundertwasser that we are created layered, like onions. At the centre is the essence of who we are, with layers of family and society wrapped around us. Sometimes you have to go back into the nub of yourself and rekindle your fire.

I've been doing that both creatively and spiritually. I am exploring new ideas in the studio and I am delighted that my colour is coming back! You can see some of my new work developing on my Instagram page.

I have reached a stage where looking outwards isn't serving me (the state of the world!) so I'm looking in. I've started to learn to meditate and I'm developing a daily practice. I think it's the right time to do this - nature rests in the winter and it is a good time to reflect.

What is coming up is a desire to bring together the strands of who I am and to develop some of my artwork into textiles - which was always the intention! So I am filling my well of inspiration with colour and texture and trying some new ways of working. I am gathering my resources and will show you in the new year where it is leading.

I love the word 'gather' and the images it conjures. This December I intend to gather. I want to gather together my energy, but also to go out in nature and gather her gifts - to make a wreath, a star - and to root myself in the pared back simplicity of winter.

Wishing you peace and simplicity this season.

If you need a gift for someone who shares a love of art and the magic of nature, my Winter Sketchbook captures the muted tones and frailty of the season. £10 for 80 pages of paintings, drawings, photos, patterns and studio images. You can buy 4 for the price of 3 here.

My A3 print collection that captures the seasons month-by-month is available to buy in my online shop. You can save £5 off any open edition print by using code A3PRINT at the checkout.

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