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Welcome to my reflection page on how my work has grown from when I started in 2011 to when I felt a pull to develop my work in a different direction in 2021.

Over ten years I built an archive of many originals, limited edition and open edition prints, cards and books all inspired by the landscape.

I filled many a sketchbook, and took the time to develop my layered works in ink, collage and stitch, on a paper ground.

I sold these at galleries, art fairs and art trails across the East Midlands and Yorkshire. I have fond memories of early morning starts to get to and set up my pitch for the day.

Archived Limited Edition Prints

From 2011 I taught workshops in galleries and art centres as well as running two memorable art retreats in 2016 and 2018. I love sharing my ideas and techniques and I learned that I had superpowers in helping others accept their own unique skills as an artist and celebrate those by growing bolder. 

In 2018 I launched my first online course and those I had met at real life workshops joined me for a new journey of seeing me create and talk about my processes and how to overcome fear of the white page and the fear of making mistakes.

In 2017 this piece, Red Field, got me a place on Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year. Although I went out in the first heat, it gave me confidence in my own creativity and empowered me to share this with others. I still get regular messages from people around the world who have seen me on a repeat of the show and come to say 'hello'.

Archived Originals

HelenHallows-studio 4.jpg

The development of social media and selling online has given me a global audience that if I think about too much blows my mind!!

When I am tucked away in my studio or up a hill it is lovely to know I have students and followers all around the world interested in what I do and who want to learn from me. 

In 2012 this purpose built studio arrived in my garden and I still feel so lucky to have a studio I can call my own and take sanctuary in. 

Archived Open Edition Prints

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