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My work has started to take a new direction and I have been able to go back to basics and explore. What has excited me is simplifying my experience of nature into a simple, direct response to a moment. Working intuitively I have allowed each piece to evolve through me. 

It's been exciting to see the work as a collection. Some of the work I am sharing came from the #100dayproject that I took part in at the start of the year - challenging myself to create each day. Working without a final vision for a piece, and stilling the internal voices whilst I let the work grow - has created a collection of work that is direct and often raw. There are pieces on paper and on corrugated card - using whatever materials I had to hand.


During these unsettled and uncertain times I have revisited my textile roots - taking great comfort from working with cloth and stitch and the tactile qualities of the materials that I use. 


As with most creatives, it's often a problem having too many ideas rather than too few and distilling them into a 'collection' can be a challenge. With this collection I present to you processes and connections, experiments in scale, colour and texture. My symbols of suns moons and stars are still strong motifs as I lean in, distilling what is essential in my art. 


Thanks for your continued interest in my art as my work evolves and I grow as a creative.

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As my work grows and time evolves I am releasing some of my older work into the world! Keep an eye on my Instagram page for pieces being added.