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Welcome to my world! I am a mixed-media artist, creating original, heartfelt artwork in paint, collage and stitch. I am inspired by nature, the rolling hills, the rustic plots of my allotment, the birds that visit my garden - their stories of interconnection and spirit. The symbols I use in my work - sun, moon, star, tree, home - speak of our shared experience of the world and being human. I create art that invites reflection, connection and an appreciation for the wonders of nature.

I love to share what I do - I run workshops, both online and in person that nurture creativity. Each workshop covers a part of what I do - making sketchbooks, drawing with confidence, printing pattern - all inspired by the wonders of nature. I want you to come away from a class feeling empowered and excited about the potential of your creativity. Courses are for anyone looking to reignite their creative spirit. 

I hope you will stay and explore my site and that you find art that you love, and inspiration for your creative journey..... 

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Nature inspires my art - I respond with a naive line and a strong sense of colour and pattern. I create my originals in ink, paint, collage and stitch. They tell stories of the seasons and the landscape and express a yearning for simplicity and a slower pace of life. 

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Sharing my techniques and ideas allows me to nurture creativity in others. I teach in a supportive way believing that nourishment, inspiration and

encouragement help us to develop our creativity. I offer a range of online and in-person 


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I am passionate about my business and growing it in an

ethical and holistic way where 

success is measured by my well

being and the balance of making and marketing. I offer mentoring support to other creative businesses.

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