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My workshops aim to give you creative confidence and help to develop your visual language. We are all innately creative but  somehow the knocks of life make us feel otherwise - I want to help heal those scars - I want to empower you to be more creative. I want my workshops to offer a connection between your soul and nature, I want to provide a space in which you can enjoy the process of mixed-media art, irrespective of the outcomes. The benefits of mindfulness are well documented and for me, creating is akin to meditation. I love the peace of making, sketching and stitching. 

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My teaching style is to gently encourage you to try new ways of creating - it is one of playful experimentation. Many of us have periods of feeling creatively blocked and I want to gently push you towards helping you find your creative voice, and reignite your creative spark. My workshops are about an approach to creativity that enables play and exploration and help you to find your creative flow. I aim to help you find an approach to drawing and mark-making that gives you scope to develop and move out of stuck modes of being. Both online and in-person workshops offer a series of demonstrations, and then allow you to put the technique or process into action. I then give constructive feedback and advice on how to develop your work. Courses are for absolute beginners or more confident creatives - I want to help you build on your talents and skills. As beginners we can be fearful of how far we have to go whilst as talented artists we can get stuck in ideas of perfectionism that hold us back just as much. We all need to try new things and shake up old ideas. Drawing is a skill you can learn in increments - building on each step with guidance. Play, experimentation - failing and carrying on despite the set backs are all part of the creative process. Wherever you are at on your creative journey is a good place to be!

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I offer online courses that nurture you through sharing my processes, techniques, ideas. You will see my joyful and challenging moments. Courses range from day workshops to longer 30 day or season based projects. Filmed in nature and in my studio, tasks are presented via video tutorials and your learning is supported through a private Facebook group where you can interact with me and others for nurturing advice.

On each course listing you can find out what you need to have before you can start the courses, what materials you will need and what to expect.

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