Here you can find extra video footage and tasks so that you can adapt the main content for these strange times and your travels at home. :)

I will let you know in the Facebook Forum when I add content here. I'll be adding links and extra footage as we go along. 

Painted backgrounds for my Lockdown sketchbook. Greens as I force the garden will be the main inspiration! Also some greys and blues.

To get drawing:

Draw some big things:

The back of your house

The trees 

The view of your neighbours houses

The view up the street

The greenhouse

The front doors on your street

Start in the centre of the page and work out. Don't leave your image floating in the middle - get to the edges. Use a strong mark. Keep your shapes strong and don't try to put too much on a page. We will be adding collage and print so don't overwork it at this stage.

Next draw some small stuff:

A close up of a plant

Different leaf structures

A selection of pots and plants

Close up of wood of shed or bark of tree

patterns - go for a walk and draw the patterns on the drawing covers, ironwork on gates

Close ups of flower heads

Yesterday's challenge was about drawing the 'big bits' - houses, rooftops, trees and garden structures. You can carry on doing that over the weekend but if you want to start drawing the smaller details, you could draw:

A close up of a plant

Different leaf structures - you could collect these on a walk.

A row of garden tools

Patterns from the street - drain covers (who knew these could be too interesting?!)

Remember be bold and even if you're drawing something small, your drawing doesn't have to be small.

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