Join me for an online course to inspire your holiday sketchbooks! The 2020 intake starts on April 21st. With video tutorials and daily tasks, you'll learn new ways of approaching sketchbooks so that you stay inspired and don't come home with an empty book!


There are 10 sessions in the course each requiring a commitment of 1-2 hours. The first two sessions are about preparing for your holiday creativity and should be completed before your holiday. Sessions 3,4,5,6, are to be completed out and about, be that a holiday away or a staycation. Sessions 7,8,9 are to be completed back in your home-studio.

Once the course starts you will receive emails with password access to the video and course content. The 10 sessions are delivered over a two week period. You will then have further four weeks access so you can revisit the lessons and complete the tasks. A facebook forum for students on the course allows you to share your creations and receive ideas and feedback to develop your work. 


The studio based tutorials before you go away and after you return share mixed-media ways of working to make your sketchbooks come alive. Out and about, over-the-shoulder tutorials of me developing my drawings give you confidence to draw outside and help you develop your visual language. All videos on this course have subtitles.


Not sure yet? Why not try my FREE 'Prepare your Sketchbook' online lesson. Click here to sign up. For more information and to book, click here. You can see a gallery of previous students work here.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work? 

The course content is accessed via my website. You will be emailed passwords to the protected pages. There are nine lessons released over two weeks. Each lesson comprises of a video tutorial, written content and daily tasks. There is a closed forum for all participants for you to share your ideas and images and receive tutor feedback.

Do I have to be going on holiday to do your online Travel Sketchbooks course?

No! You can take some time off and have a stay-cation. Exploring your local environment, taking time to look and draw can be done on your doorstep and you might discover somewhere new or see something that you never spotted before.

Can I work from photographs from my last holiday?

I don't work from photos and I'd advise you not to. The course is about showing you different approaches to drawing and is about getting outside and drawing on location so you can create a sketchbook that's lively and rooted in the place you visit.

What techniques will you be teaching? 

I will be sharing techniques for you to be able to create a mixed media sketchbook on your travels. Mostly though the course is about an approach to drawing that shows you how to experiment and capture a sense of place. It's about giving you confidence to develop your creative skills and find your own visual language.

Can I share my log in with my friends?

The fee you have paid is for you, and only you, to access the course. A lot of time and love went into creating the course and there are ongoing costs in website hosting. I have kept the cost as competitive as I can. If you are part of a group and would like to buy a license to access the course as a group, please get in touch. I am able to see who has logged in to the password protected pages.


When will you be available to give me feedback about my work? 

Throughout the course you will have access to a forum so that you can share what you have produced and receive feedback from me and other course attendees. I will be in the forum at set times and dates so that you can ask me questions and get immediate feedback. I will also check in to the forum on weekdays. I will also be working so won't be available at all times.

How computer literate do I need to be?

You will need to be able to access my website and use passwords to get into the protected pages to see the tutorials. You'll need to be able to take photos of your work and upload these to a closed group on Facebook for feedback. If you are going on holiday whilst doing the course you will need wifi access to be able to get on the web. You will need a Facebook profile to be able to join the forum.

Can I sell the work I produce on the course?

The course is about me helping you find your creative voice and become more you! The work you create on the course is yours to keep to inspire your creative development. If however you decide to sell your work, and it looks like mine, you will be infringing my copyright. If it looks like your work, that's fine, sell away! In creating this course, I have sought advice and will follow up any cases of intellectual property theft.


Click this link to access the course if you are already booked on. You will need passwords to access the course. 

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