In 2018 I created and launched my first online course - to create a Travel Sketchbook - with video tutorials filmed on location and sessions to complete at home, I wanted you to be able to create a mixed media sketchbook with a sense of place. I wanted you to no longer come back from your holidays with a blank sketchbook.

That course is still available and in April 2020 has had to be adapted for Lockdown because of the global pandemic of Covid-19. Being able to adapt and think up new ideas has always been one of the best parts of being a creative. So with all my 'live' teaching cancelled, with no more school runs and after school clubs - I have put my mind, and a great deal of time into creating some new online offerings. Some workshops are half a day, some are one day and some are structured to deliver sessions over a two week period - needing about and hour a day. You can work at your own paces it will be different for everyone. Access is for 3 weeks for a one day workshop and 6 weeks after a 2 week (8 session) course. 

My workshops - both online and in real life - are all about giving you the confidence to create sketchbooks - to get past your fear of the blank page, to find your creative mojo and to get in the flow of creativity. 

My sketchbooks are collections of ideas, they are line drawings, and shapes, collages and patterns. They are eclectic and layered - not manicured or perfect. I want to capture what I see so that back at home the sketchbook inspires me to create larger pieces of work. Drawing outside, collecting experiences and capturing these in my sketchbooks, creates memories and stories to tell....


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work? 

The course content is accessed via my website. You will be emailed a password to the protected pages. You can access the content at your own pace. 

What techniques will you be teaching? 

I will be sharing techniques for you to be able to create a mixed media sketchbook. Most of my courses are about an approach to drawing and creativity that shows you how to experiment and capture a sense of place. It's about giving you confidence to develop your creative skills and find your own visual language.

Can I share my log in with my friends?

The fee you have paid is for you, and only you, to access the course. A lot of time and love went into creating the course and there are ongoing costs in website hosting. I have kept the cost as competitive as I can. If you are part of a group and would like to buy a license to access the course as a group, please get in touch. I am able to see who has logged in to the password protected pages. You can of course share the course at home with your kids and partner. 


When will you be available to give me feedback about my work? 

Throughout the course you will have access to a forum so that you can share what you have produced and receive feedback from me and other course attendees. I will be in the forum at set times and dates so that you can ask me questions and get immediate feedback. I will also be working so won't be available at all times.

How computer literate do I need to be?

You will need to be able to access my website and use passwords to get into the protected pages to see the tutorials. You'll need to be able to take photos of your work and upload these to a closed group on Facebook for feedback. If you are going on holiday whilst doing the course you will need wifi access to be able to get on the web. You will need a Facebook profile to be able to join the forum.


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