In 2018 I launched my Travel Sketchbooks online course. In 2020 I have added to my portfolio of courses - you can see images of what students have created here. And here is what my students have had to say ....

This course has been the best thing! I’ve already got my next sketchbook prepared and learnt through the process so it’s a bit less textured than my first attempt.. The course was really well planned out, it was great being able to work through at my own pace, Helen was great offering tips, tricks and suggestions I just wouldn’t have thought to try. I’ve nearly finished my first sketchbook and am super proud that every page is filled. I nearly didn’t sign up as I was back at work and wondered if I would have time, but the creative bug was ignited and I made time. The simple tip of having a pencil case ready to go is one if the best. The weekly feedback and online forum were really supportive and encouraging, I super course I’d highly recommend.

Sam 2018

I learned such a lot! Produced a sketchbook of images of Fife plus patterns I had observed. Focus on a small bit of the 'view', see patterns in everything. Even not being faced with blank pages makes it easier to get started. Going on holiday soon and sketchbook prep nearly done and excited about the prospect of filling it! I really recommend this course. You were led gently through tasks and got constructive guidance.

Ruth 2018

This is a wonderful course if you're wanting to develop a sketchbook practice. The course is for a travel sketchbook but I've been doing mine from home in my local town which has also worked out well and I'm looking forward to my holiday so I can really develop my practice further. The course material has been thoughtfully put together and Helen is a lovely teacher. It's full of information and advice on artistic techniques and I'm feeling very inspired now to go out and start drawing.

Rachel 2018


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