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Winter is a point of stillness in the year. I want this course to fulfill your creativity during this time of rest. Taking your home, and the objects you collect as inspiration we will use drawing as a meditation - a daily chance to slow and connect to ourselves. Considering line, shape, pattern and texture we will try to capture the essence of winter - the low light and long shadows. Your sketchbook will be a slow sketching, life affirming connection to your creativity and a soulful start to a creative 2021.


There will be 8 technique videos - so two a week. Then there will be 7 tasks -  one a day - but you don't have to do them all - and some you could do two a day. Each task will be 45 mins to an hour. Some of these will be drawing tasks and some will be tasks that help you explore your creativity and make time for you.
I’m a great believer in using what you have - I like to repurpose old books, and create collage papers. So with that in mind, access to some emulsion paints or acrylics would be useful. After that you can draw with anything….so long as you draw. I will show you how I approach drawing - so that you can be bolder and more confident and find your flow. 
Drawing is a process of research. It's about training the hand and eye to do the same thing - usually through a series of ‘mistakes’. The great thing about mixed media sketchbooks is that these become layers, to be enhanced and embellished - or covered up - or collaged on to….until they become ideas we can use.
My background is in textiles, and many of my students are textile makers looking to be able to research and design from original source rather than photos. I use mark making in my drawing reminiscent of stitch - dots and dashes. The course would work well for developing ideas for stitch. 
Ultimately the course is structured for enjoyment, with gentle encouragement and to set boundaries and a time for you to engage in creativity. The course assumes no previous experience and even the most experienced artists get the collywobbles when they are in a new learning experience - I have found the group forum to be tremendously supportive and confidence-building (and I am the teacher!).

This online course offers you:


8 video tutorials showing you the stages I use to create my sketchbooks - layering paint, drawing and collage. From the blank page to simple drawing techniques, to embellishing with print and collage - I will walk you through my processes.

30 daily tasks so that you can implement what you have seen.

A 'Welcome' session with studio tour and inspiration from my studio - books and links. A 'Goodbye' session with a summary of what you've learnt and where you can take your creativity next.

Access to an online group forum for feedback from me and other students - mutual support and motivation!


Course access is for 12 weeks. 


I try to use basic art equipment that most will have already. I provide links to where you can get hold of products and I sell some in my online shop. Mostly I encourage you to use what you have. :)


Winter Sketchbook - 30 day project - 7th January 2021

  • You can cancel before the course starts and receive a full refund. Once the course date has started, no refund can be given.

    Should you have extenuating circumstances, access to the course provision may be extend. This is discretionary.

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