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You may have completed another of my landscape inspired courses and now you want to move your ideas and images beyond the sketchbook into textiles. You may be inspired by the beauty of a pared back winter landscape. You may be seeking a project to work on through the still months ahead.


This course will guide you through gathering ideas, collecting fabrics and using paint and print to create a background for you to stitch on. Allowing the textures of the cloth to help create landscape and the stitch to fuse layers together, the entire process will be one of permission to slow down, take solace from the quiet and engage with the meditative process of slow stitch. 


What is slow stitch? It's hand stitching with fabrics that are often found, or repurposed. You create an intuitive collage of fabrics, then use a simple hand stitch, to add image and detail. As you go along you decide what stitches to use, add colours and create a unique textile piece. What do you do with it? You can frame it, make it into a bag or purse, or keep it in your soul space to remind you of the peace and clarity of creating it. It is an intuitive, peaceful process that isn't rushed and takes you on a journey of creativity. There are no rules, no right and wrong. The aim is to slow down and take your time, and like a meditation, to simply breathe and create peacefulness, one stitch at a time.

This course is for you:


  • if you would like to experience a process of creating that makes you slowdown
  • if you love nature's bare winter landscape and gentle palette
  • if you would like to design from what you see to create a unique piece
  • if you love abstract landscape and nature's symbols, birds, trees, sun
  • if you'd like to use simple stitch techniques (influenced by boro and kantha stitching) to create texture




Materials you will need for the class:


  • fabrics - cotton, calico - linens - repurposed cotton shirts or pillowcases. Mostly neutrals - a bundle will be available in my shop.
  • acrylic paints and brushes
  • erasers to make into stamps
  • scissors and embroidery threads and sewing cotton
  • It helps to have access to local landscape - canal, river, fields - I realise that this isn't possible for everyone.


What you will learn on this course:


  • design process to create a winter landscape
  • painting and stamping fabric
  • working intuitively to capture the essence of nature
  • working in a palette to express the season
  • slow stitching with intention, creating stillness in yourself as you stitch through the season. 


The course content can be accessed from 10am on the start date. You will have six weeks access to the content.  I've planned the content to give you a full weekend of creativity or you can spread it over a  a week of evenings. 


You will be invited to join a private Facebook group for students on this course so that you can share your ideas and receive feedback from myself and others. It will help keep you inspired, motivated and accountable for getting started and fulfilling your create aspirations. 


This course consists of:


  • Welcome session
  • 6 video tutorials allowing you to follow me as I design and create a slow stitched landscape
  • Set tasks for you to go through the processes and create your own sketches and drawings from your own set up.
  • A concluding session
  • A Facebook Group forum to allow you to share ideas and get inspiration and feedback.
  • Access to my ongoing Facebook community to continue your creative journey in a supportive, like-minded community


What you will need to have:


  • The materials on the materials list (see above)
  • Access via a PC or laptop to my website where you can access the password protected pages
  • Broadband wifi with sufficient speed to watch video content
  • You will also need a willingness to have a go and try new ways of working - not focussed on the outcomes, but on devloping a creative flow and adapting new techniques
  • Time - a weekend that you can set aside for yourself
  • Commitment to fulfil the tasks and share with others in the group so that we can nurture each other.


What to expect:


  • After signing up you will get email confirmation of your booking
  • On the course start date you will be emailed the log-in codes at 10am. This gives you access to password protected website pages.
  • You can access the course immediately and at any point for six weeks. Delivery is via video tutorials that you can start, stop and repeat as you wish. 
  • There are tasks set for you to try what you have been shown in the videos. 
  • You are encouraged to take photos of what you create and upload them to the course Facebook Group.
  • You can ask questions in the group, or by email. 
  • You will be notified when access is ending.

Stillness in Stitch - a slow stitch response to the season - November 2021

  • You can cancel before the course starts and receive a full refund. Once the course date has started, no refund can be given.

    Should you have extenuating circumstances, access to the course provision may be extend. This is discretionary.

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