Join me in my studio at the bottom of the garden in Long Eaton near Nottingham. Take inspiration from nature to design a textile piece, and find meditation in stitch.


Over 4 Friday morning sessions we will:


Create a mood board, look at telling nature's story, design with collage


Look at mood and palette. Create layers with cloth after a rummage in my fabric stash. Learn to trust your intuition and allow the design to evolve.


Use stitch to fuse the layers of your piece and create texture and line. Embellish to capture nature's details.


Use stitch as a meditative practice to connect your self to the inner peace that sewing can bring.


What is slow stitch? It is hand stitching with fabrics that are often found, or repurposed. You create an intuitive collage of fabrics, then use a simple hand stitch, to add image and detail. As you go along you decide what stitches to use, add colours and create a unique textile piece. It is an intuitive, peaceful process that isn't rushed and takes you on a journey of creativity. There are no rules, no right and wrong. The aim is to slow down and take your time, and like a meditation, to simply breathe and create peacefulness, one stitch at a time.


Each session runs from 10-12ish on Friday mornings, February 7th, 14th (not 21st) Feb 28th and March 6th. Places in my studio are limited to 6. You'll get to see where I work, my inspirations and books. Access is at ground level but the loo is upstairs so please consider this if you have any mobility issues. Materials are provided as well as refreshments. As you start to work on your stitched piece, you may wish to use your own fabrics too. There will be time for silent stitching to enhance the peace and wellbeing you will experience. Beginners welcome.



Slow Stitch Fridays - 4 sessions -Feb 2020

  • You can cancel upto four weeks before the event and receive a full refund. Up to two weeks before the event you can receive a refund for half the amount. After that no refund can be given. 


    My studio is at the bottom of the garden behind my house in Long Eaton. The access is at ground level, with single steps at various points. The toilet is accessed through the house and is on the frist floor. Please advise me at time of booking if you have any mobility issues that you may need support with. 

    Age limit: 

    The course is designed for adults and is suitable for any one over the age of 16.


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