*Corona Virus update - obviously travel has been seriously affected by the corona virus but as outlined below it really doesn't matter where you are - the course is about techniques to create mixed media sketchbooks. If you're self isolating the course is a way of having a practical purpose and a social connection. It's fun and good for your health and wellbeing. There will be some extra tutorials added to the forum to translate the techniques shown in the videos to what's available to us to draw in our gardens and homes. And just a reminder - this course is fully subtitled. 


The course consists of nine sessions, as well as an introduction and farewell. Each session features a video tutorial, as well as footage of me creating my holiday sketchbook, still images to guide and inspire you as well as tasks and advice to help you get the most out of your travel sketchbook. The course is about how to find your own visual language, and how to approach drawing, to give you confidence to draw outside, and how to make the most of being on holiday, capturing the essence of where you are staying and create a mixed media sketchbook that is full of vitality.


The course has been planned to reflect the same amount of content I would usually offer in a two day 'live' course. My weekend courses are £140 and if attending would incur additional costs of travel/accommodation.  I have priced the e-course to reflect the additional materials you'll need to purchase (basic drawing materials/sketchbook/glue).


Daily email notifications will give you access to password protected pages where you can access the self-led course content. The 11 session course will be delivered over two weeks. The first two tutorials will need to be completed before you go on holiday, six whilst you are there, and three when you return. After each session there are 1-2 hours of tasks to complete.


The course will be available for 6 weeks from the start date, allowing you time to access the content and complete the tasks (because of corona virus I am extending this to 8 weeks. If you are ill and need more access, just ask). An online forum for all course attendees will allow you to upload and share the sketches you create and gives a place for creative support and encouragement. I will be available in the forum at key times to guide and advise you. You will need to be able to take photos of your work and upload it to  the forum. To do this you will need to be familiar with using Facebook.


A list of basic art supplies will be needed, and will be outlined in the first session. You will also need a camera phone or digital camera and be able to upload photos to an online forum, and take photos on your holiday! 


The course is suitable for all and assumes no prior experience of drawing. It is a course to encourage and enable you to be able to capture the place that you are staying and build your creative confidence. You will need a willingness to participate and try new techniques and ways of creating sketchbooks.


Whether you are going to be in your back garden, Bognor Regis, the Mediterranean or Kuala Lumpur, you can create a sketchbook that is vivid and inspiring.


When booking, please make sure that you add me (helenhallowsstudio@talktalk.net) to your email contacts list so that you receive all notifications. If you have any questions about the suitability of this course, please email me. 


You can read FAQ's here.

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This course has subtitled videos

April Travel/Staycation Sketchbook online course - Starts April 21st 2020

  • You can cancel before the course starts and receive a full refund. Once the course date has started, no refund can be given.

    Should you have extenuating circumstances, access to the course provision may be extend. This is discretionary.

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