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How do you capture the world? It is a question that humans have been asking, and experimenting with answering, ever since the first cave paintings were made. What do you choose to leave in and take out? How do you tell the story of a place with mark, line and shape?


Engaging with the landscape, drawing, and making decisions about what you see, what you feel, informs what art you make. Most of my art is based on the landscape - I create edited stories, capturing what I want to tell others about what I saw. 


On this course, I will show you how I see the world around me and describe the shapes,  and atmosphere that I want to capture. I will help you move beyond a literal drawing to sketchbook pages that are expressive and informative. 


I will explain the shorthand, symbolic ways that I use shape based drawing to capture nature and create abstract landscapes.


This course is for you:


  • if you want to capture the landscapes around you
  • if you get bogged down in too much detail when you draw
  • if you want to be more expressive with your drawing
  • if you want to use a variety of media to draw with
  • if you love shape, line and texture
  • if you want to flatten perspective and simplify composition
  • if you want to tell a story about what you saw and what it meant to you


This can be a stand alone course or it can develop ideas from my other courses 'Earthing' and 'A Bend in the River'.



Materials you will need for the class:


  • A4/A3 sketchbook or sheets of coloured/white/brown paper
  • different drawing media - I suggest a pencil, biro, fine felt-tip pen, posca paint pen (or whatever you have)
  • painted papers (see Earthing workshop)
  • chalk paint or emulsion paint tester pots
  • acrylic inks (you could use watercolours or acrylic paint)
  • charcoal pencil
  • papers you can cut up for collage - old book pages, old envelopes, bits of wallpaper, painted sheets of paper etc
  • scissors and glue (I use uhu)
  • It helps to be able to get into the landscape to experience nature and hopefully to draw. I understand that this isn't possible for everyone.


What you will learn on this course:


  • Confidence to go outside to draw and capture your surroundings
  • Working with a mix of media in your sketchbook
  • Working intuitively to capture the essence of nature
  • Editing and decision making to tell a story of place
  • Drawing, and collaging  to create layers and bring your sketchbook to life


The course content can be accessed from 10am on the start date. You will have 6 weeks access to the content.  I've planned the content to give you a full weekend of creativity or you can spread it over a  a week of evenings. 


You will be invited to join a private Facebook group for students on this course so that you can share your ideas and receive feedback from myself and others. It will help keep you inspired, motivated and accountable for getting started and fulfilling your create aspirations. 


This course consists of:


  • Welcome session
  • 5 video tutorials allowing you to follow me as I draw from a still-life set up.
  • Set tasks for you to go through the processes and create your own sketches and drawings from your own set up.
  • A concluding session
  • A Facebook Group forum to allow you to share ideas and get inspiration and feedback.
  • Access to my ongoing Facebook community to continue your creative journey in a supportive, like-minded community


What you will need to have:


  • The materials on the materials list (see above)
  • Access via a PC or laptop to my website where you can access the password protected pages
  • Broadband wifi with sufficient speed to watch video content
  • You will also need a willingness to have a go and try new ways of working - not focussed on the outcomes, but on devloping a creative flow and adapting new techniques
  • Time - a weekend that you can set aside for yourself
  • Commitment to fulfil the tasks and share with others in the group so that we can nurture each other.


What to expect:


  • After signing up you will get email confirmation of your booking
  • On the course start date you will be emailed the log-in codes at 10am. This gives you access to password protected website pages.
  • You can access the course immediately and at any point for six weeks. Delivery is via video tutorials that you can start, stop and repeat as you wish. 
  • There are tasks set for you to try what you have been shown in the videos. 
  • You are encouraged to take photos of what you create and upload them to the course Facebook Group.
  • You can ask questions in the group, or by email. 
  • You will be notified when access is ending.

A Sense of Place - Drawing the landscape July 15th 2021

  • You can cancel before the course starts and receive a full refund. Once the course date has started, no refund can be given.

    Should you have extenuating circumstances, access to the course provision may be extend. This is discretionary.

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