Please note that this is a Thursday start date so that you can get logged in and join the forum ready to make the most of the weekend ahead.


For this course you will recive access to password protected pages on my website. There you can access the video tutorials and tasks. There are 6 tasks each taking 1-2 hours so you can spread the course over a couple of days or do a task a day for a week. You can post pictures of what you are doing into a private forum to receive feedback from myself and other learners (I will be available to give feedback for one week after the course access starts). Access to the group will remain for 3 weeks so you can complete tasks. If you can't join us on the day you will be able to see all the tutorials for 6 weeks. You will need some basic art equipment - see below. 


I will take you through the process of gathering from nature, and then looking at your inspiration to capture the textures, colours and patterns. Through a series of drawing and collage exercises you can begin to create your own dynamic sketchbook pages and designs. For me, it's about telling stories of what is happening in nature. I seldom work from photos and I will encourage you to connect with the source material, and explore different ways of drawing until we capture a sense of design. The day will be supportive, with lots of encouragement to help you put pencil to paper. It is not about accurate drawing but about looking for shapes and symbols in nature so you can find your creative flow and create a design that you can then realise in whatever textiles or project you choose.


We will work through a series of drawing exercises to loosen your style, and to develop hand-eye coordination. You will end the day with a series of exploratory drawings and techniques that you can use at home to develop your creative confidence and make more dynamic marks. I hear 'I cant draw' so often and I want to show you that you can, and that drawing is a process of discovery and design. 


You will need a sketchbook (A4ish) and some basic drawing equipment - pencils, fineliner, paper scissors and a pritt stick.

You will aslo need some emulsion paints (tester pots).


Based on a workshop day from approx 10 to 4 (though as this is now online you can choose your time framework). Feedback from previous courses is that people spread the content out over several days which allowed them to get more involved and attain better outcomes than in a live workshop.


You'll get to see where I work (filmed in my studio - I will take you on a tour!). You'll need to provide your own tea and biscuits and make a sign that says "Keep out" ;)


Book MAKE-DRAW-PRINT workshops together and save £25. See separate listing for triple workshop.

Draw - Mixed media sketchbooks - Online - 24th September 2020

  • You can cancel before the course starts and receive a full refund. Once the course date has started, no refund can be given.

    Should you have extenuating circumstances, access to the course provision may be extend. This is discretionary.


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