This isn't so much a task as a review of what you've done today and how you might take ideas forwards. 

So far we have:

Made a mood board

Painted textured backgrounds & printed backgrounds

Abstracted shape and pattern from the board

Made stamps out of erasers

Made stamps with craft foam

Printed a stash of papers

As well as printing on to paper, you can print onto fabric. Try on plain cotton or calico. You can also paint the surface of the fabric with emulsion or acrylic paint to make it stiffer if you wish. If you want to print on to fabric and it be colour fast, you can use Versa Colour printing ink pads - you set the colour with a hot iron.

Once you have printed your designs on fabric you can embellish them with stitch.

Mostly though, I use the stamps to create patterned papers that I use in my collage and landscape work. I also use them to embellish my mixed media sketchbooks - to add detail and design, and to start to elevate my drawings off the page - to give me ideas of how to progress my images into further explorations out of my sketchbook. 

I hope you have enjoyed the course today and have finished the day full of ideas for working in to your sketchbooks, making backgrounds, printing pattern and creating a unique collage paper stash or fabric background. 

Before you go, please visit the forum and tell us what you liked about the course today, and how you envisage using the ideas from today's workshop.

I would also be grateful if you could leave me some feedback about your experience today. :)

Don't forget I have other classes available for you to make and create mixed media sketchbooks - you can get 10% off another online course with code BOOKAGAIN10


I hope to see you again soon, Helen x

ps. Please could you click here and leave me some feedback?


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