So I'm hoping that your creative space is looking like this....

Task 5 should take you about 30 minutes. Using the foam sheet in your kit box, we are going to cut out shapes, based on your drawings from this morning. These are then stuck to the pieces of card mount board to make another type of simple stamp. These can be a bit bigger and so you can get a variety of scale.

Health and safety - be careful with the super glue!

As you are cutting the foam shapes, you will get negative shapes that drop away. These can make interesting stamps too. So - in the top row - when I cut the circles for the first block, the pieces on the third block were my off cuts - but I loved their haphazard structure. At this stage if the day we re playing and letting idea evolve -don't be too stuck in your original plan from your mood board.

Remember you can also create texture on the foam. Using a biro, scratch into the surface or use the nib to create spots and stripes. 

The fruit of a good days work.....(this is from a class not just one person!!)

Share your stamped papers in the forum.

Now let's head to the final task to review what we've achieved and discuss where this might lead!


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