So now we head in to the part of the day that you all came for - printing! This is the fun part. You're going to need the kit box that I sent you, as well as your mood board and the background papers that you made this morning. You also need either a Lino cutting tool or a scalpel. 

This task - creating stamps from erasers should take about half an hour - then you can move to task 5 - creating foam stamps - and then you get to play. 

I started to create small patterns printed with erasers when I started to licence my work for print. I had been using old book jackets from the 1950's in my collage work. Once I licensed my work I had to be careful not to breach copyright by using other peoples designs in my work. So I started to print my own small motifs. 

A note on health and safety. Lino cutting tools and scalpels are sharp and you are cutting onto a small surface. Make sure you are holding the eraser down onto a secure surface. Cut away from you and make sure you hand is not in front of the blade. Please take care!

Once you have cut your stamps and tried them on scrap paper, you can begin to fill a page with them. Work onto the backgrounds that you made this morning. I like to work in repeat and fill up a whole sheet with a design - that way I have a piece of paper you can use to cut up in collage work. 

Experiment with layering designs over each other, or printing the background using the ink pad as shown in the video - and then print on top with a pattern.

Take some photos of your favourites and upload them to the forum.

Now it's time for lesson 5:


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