Hello - how are we all doing? It's been a busy morning.

You should now have a mood board of images and a small pile of papers that you have painted and foraged. 

I think now is a good time to clear up after this mornings tasks and make a cup of tea. :)

Now on to Task 3.

Timings - 15 mins to read through - 45 mins to complete task.


We are going to find the simple patterns and shapes within our board. This is a drawing task - but don't let that scare you! We are starting to edit what is important to us about our board - and process that into marks. I draw with simple marks and shapes. Often it's what people like about my work - the simplification, the flattening of perspective - reducing what I see to a pattern, or layers. But when I set drawing tasks people can't give themselves permission to draw in such a simple way. 

With this task, keep it simple.

If drawing with a pencil scares you - try drawing with scissors. Using a cut line - cutting out the shapes- helps you simplify as its harder to cut fiddly shapes. Its often more intuitive than drawing with a pencil - and less of the 'I can'ts'!

The purpose of these tasks is to design strong shapes that you will be able to turn into strong pattern designs. What you are aiming to end up with is a sheet something like this - with details extracted and abstracted from your mood board.

When you've completed that take a photo and post it in the forum - then take a break. :)

When you're ready, it's time for:


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