Today is about capturing the details of life - and getting some pattern into your sketchbook. We will be collecting patterns, creating a moodboard, drawing some simple repeats, making different types of stamp and blocks and then printing with them. 

Timings - 10 mins to read through the task - 45 mins to do the task


The first task is to get some resources together that we can use for the purposes of today's workshop. You will need some magazines - home and garden work better than fashion magazines for this task. You're going to be cutting them up so don't use your special ones. :)

You will also need scissors, a pritt stick and an A3ish piece of paper or card - stick 2 A4 sheets together, or open out a cereal box. 

A mood board is an ideas board. They can be a collection of objects:

Or a pinboard of ideas and collected images on a theme:

Start by making a cup of tea, and then flick through your magazines, allowing patterns and structures to catch your eye. It helps to turn the magazine upside down so that you don't read the articles and recipes! ;)

Start to cut out images that you like, patterns that appeal. There's no right or wrong - go with what jumps out at you.

Once you have a pile of torn images - start to select from them - you might see a theme emerging or a couple of themes. They could be:

repeat patterns

structures and buildings

details from flowers and grasses






Don't be too particular - this is just a starting point for your day's creativity. You might lie to add extra images from your studio pin board once you see a theme developing.


Here are some mood boards created by previous attendees:

It is important that you have at least 15-20 elements. Make sure there is a mix of photos and designed patterns. Make sure you have a balance of scale - ie larger motifs and smaller pattern elements. Some elements might not be a regular pattern but could be inspiration for you to make your own pattern. The cactus in the board above could be the starting point for drawing leaf motifs. 


Once you have laid out the pieces, get them stuck down with a glue stick. I like straight lines but you might like them higgledy piggledy - it's up to you. 

Once you have your board stuck down, take a picture and put it in the forum - I will add some feedback whilst you get on with task 2 - click the link below to move on.


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