We have got the creativity started! I hope you enjoyed taking ownership of your sketchbook and getting paint on your hands! I wanted us to get going and feel a sense of accomplishment before I send you off into nature.

Walking brings many benefits - I love the meditational aspect of being in tune with my body - swinging my arms, stretching my legs and deepening my breathing. Creativity is also meditational - when you get lost in the moment - when you feel at one with the world. I think that is what we are aiming for. To do that we need to be receptive, not self conscious. We need to be non judgemental - so as you walk, step out of your own way - clear your lungs - breathe into your centre and know that you are nature. Don't overthink todays tasks....step into them.  

It is good to remind ourselves that we are nature - not separate but made up of all the same elements. We too grow. We too create. Sometimes our creativity can feel forced and yet as humans we are innately creative. Sometimes we have to get out of our own way to allow this to happen.


The next task is to take a nature walk - hopefully you don't have to travel too far for this but can walk to a park or a river, or even down your own garden path. Take your time. Take the time to notice the details - to feel the environment with all your senses. Feel the sun on your face or the wind or the rain. Go barefoot for a bit if you can. Look for an insect and follow their path. Compare the greens of different leaves. If you can stop and sit for a moment, look at the clouds. Remember that game where you see animals in the shapes of the clouds? What do you see?

Nurturing curiosity will help us nurture creativity. As you walk back, collect some leaves and stems, some flowers and seed pods. Collect with respect - only taking one. Breathe deeply and bring the peace back to your studio space.

Back in the studio - thank your specimens for coming home with you. Pop them in a jam jar of water. Sit and look at them - what shapes do you see? What is their structure like? Does the colour change across the plant? did you come back with some other treasures too? A feather? A pebble?

Using a board (a chopping board or a piece of cardboard), create a nature table of your objects. Place them neatly in rows, place them as a wreath, or in a mandala design. You can Google 'Nature Flat Lay' if you want some placement ideas. You can change your layout during the day. With a background in woven textiles, I like items placed square-on and in rows. But you might like to place your items in a higgledy piggledy way or as if they have just been scattered by the wind - it's up to you. 

Here is the layout I created - I had extra left over - and I changed the layout through out the day.

You may want to take some photos of your board so you can refer back to it later. Share it in the forum so we can have a look. Then grab a cup of tea and move on to......


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