Today is about taking your time - about slowing down so that you can create with more confidence. You will be shown a series of techniques that I use to prepare my sketchbook and to draw with a confident line. Each process will help you build a dynamic mixed media sketchbook.

Before we start, I want you to close your eyes and take your mind along a path you have recently walked - it might be near a river, it might be to the bottom of the garden. Anchor yourself in the moment - the colours of the moment. Each season has it's palette. What are the colours of your place in nature? 

If you have a magazine to hand, or some collage papers, or a paint chart, cut some colour swatches and create a palette for your season sketchbook.

Our first task today is to get us through the fear of the white page. are you a sufferer?! I am - I intensely dislike the smooth, glowing, perfection of a new sketchbook. So I challenge you to take ownership of your book and make it your own! 

I use emulsion paint to paint the pages - you can also use chalk paint - or try a mix of emulsion and acrylic. Tester pots are great for this - or any pots of paint left over from home decorating (not gloss).

Keep the colours of the season in mind as you paint the pages. Also paint a few extra sheets so that you can add fold out pages. You can paint some abstract blocks or blobs. You don't need to know what they will be for - we will be working in an intuitive way and allowing for 'happy accidents' along the way.

And don't forget to add a pocket for the treasures you will find. I like to add other envelopes as mini canvases for drawings. You can also keep things in them or fill them with mini drawings. If you have a few old book pages or maps - now is the time to add them. You can use a dry paint brush to scumble some paint over the top to knock the text back a bit. 

When you have painted your book, stand it up so it can dry whilst you have a cup of tea. Take a photo of your book and add it to the forum before moving on.



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