In this session we finally get started! Clear the table - use newspaper or a plastic cover and make sure you have somewhere to put your sheets as they dry.

The book you make will be half the size of the sheets of paper that you use. They will all be folded in half to construct the book. So if you want a 20cm x 20cm finished book your paper sheets need to be 40cm x 20cm.

Before you start select a colour palette for your book. Do you want it hot and spicy in reds and pinks - or cool greens and blues for a garden sketchbook? Are you going to be writing in your book - you might want neutrals so that the text will show up. 

Remember to paint the whole sheet. If you are working on a patterned sheet you can use a piece of card or an old credit card to spread the paint thinly so bits of images or text show through. 

You will need about 15 - 20 sheets so that you can select from them to build your book. Dry them with a hairdryer as you go along.

You can add extra detail to your pages with painted borders, and create framed areas where you can add a drawing or write. 


Now you should have a pile of painted pages. Make sure they are dry, stack them up and if they are a bit bendy, pop a couple of books on the top to flatten them out whilst you have a cup of tea! 


Though your hands probably look more like this.....  :)

Don't forget to share a picture of your pile of papers in the  Facebook forum. 


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