Here is a look at some of the different types of sketchbook I make. I use the zig-zag books most in my work as they are so useful as they fold out so can be used for different compositions. My drawing style is simple and naive, I like to draw with what is to hand and use colour and collage to create layered pages.

I also love to paint the pages of old books, add pockets for found treasures, or add on a fabric or string closure. You can keep on adding and adding! And that's before you even make a mark in your book. 

Books 4 for 3.jpg

If you want to see more, you can buy my published sketchbooks here.

You're going to need:

Paper - cartridge paper, coloured paper, brown paper, a4 envelopes, old book pages, wallpaper, giftwrap 

Paint - emulsion paint is fab for this job as you need quite a lot of paint. You can mix in acrylic paint or use acrylic paint instead.

Paintbrush or old credit card - to slosh the paint about

Hairdryer - optional

Apron and newspaper - it's going to get mucky!

Glue - I use a universal glue like Uhu.

Sewing machine - optional

Heavy card - for the covers


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