Welcome to my online course! You have booked your place and been directed to here. This page is where you will log-in from each time you want to access the course. You will need the log-in code that I have emailed you. Use this for each password protected page of the course. Any problems, you can email me.

Have fun! Remember to take each stage at your own pace - timings are for guidelines only. 

Five Steps to Creativity

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Fill out the form here and you will be emailed the password. 

AFF ATC square.jpg

Affirmation & ATC course online. Log in here.

1/2 day - 1 day course. 3 weeks access.

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Make a Sketchbook online. Log in here.

1/2 day - 1 day workshop. 3 weeks access.

Fearless Drawing Online. Log in here

1/2 day to 1 day workshop. 3 weeks access.

Christmas Card Play day. Log in here.

1/2 day -  day workshop. 3 weeks access.

Nature Sketchbook Online. Log in here.

2 - 3  day workshop. 6 weeks access.

Print online.jpg

Print - Mixed Media Sketchbook online. Log in here

1 - 2 day workshop. 3 weeks access.

Draw - Mixed media sketchbook online. Log in here.

1 - 2 day workshop. 3 weeks access.

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Garden Sketchbook Online. Log in here

8 sessions. 30 daily tasks. 2 months access.

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