I hope you enjoyed looking through my sketchbook and seeing how all the ideas, drawings and techniques came together. There are pages I love and others that I find less appealing. There are pages I hated that have disappeared beneath a collage or a photo! Others are okay and I will let them stay! What I love is the mix of media, of scale and the balance of pattern, image and drawings.

When you draw, you slow down, far more than when you take photos so I hope your holiday sketchbook is also full of memories. I look at a drawing and remember where I was and what was going on around me...that I was sat in a bar, drawing the view and had the most amazing carrot and ginger soup. :)

What I wanted to give you is a range of starting points for capturing a place. But equally you can use these processes and starting points whatever your project. It is about finding ways to approach drawing, collecting and designing. Sketchbooks should be fun, and so many people are reproachful rather than seeing each page as somewhere to play and explore. 

As with everything, we may wish we had done things differently. In my 'live' courses, we get to the end of the day and people want to start again because they now have the overview of the processes and techniques. I hope you can revisit the ideas and techniques I have shown you and make them your own, add them in to how you already create and make something unique.

Which are your favourite pages in your sketchbook? Post a picture of them on the forum and tell us why they are successful for you.

Which of the sessions did you most like? What did you learn that you are going to take forwards? What are you looking forward to trying again?

The forum will be active until the end of August. From 5th May if you'd like a response to your post you'll need to tag me in it. If you've made friends in the forum, make sure you swap details before the forum closes.

There is a book to accompany this course. It contains the drawings I did to create the course, as well as images of the artwork I developed back in the studio. As with the sketchbooks I developed for the course, it contains drawings, photography, collections, pattern and texture as well as inspiring quotes about travel. It costs £12.50 plus P&P. You can order yours from my website, by clicking here.

Thank you for joining me on the my Travel Sketchbooks course. I hope you leave feeling empowered and inspired to keep drawing and recording the world around you.

If you enjoyed the course, please leave a review here. I would be grateful of your feedback. If you could fill out the feedback form here. 

I would love to add some images of your sketchbook created whilst on the course to a gallery on my website. If you consent to me using your images in this way, please email me your images and state whether you would like me to use your full name or just initials - thank you!

Due to the Covid Crisis, I am taking more of my one day workshops online - I hope you'll join me for a workshop online or in person soon.

Wishing you and your family well,

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