What a busy, creative month! And this is just the beginning, not the end. What will you take away from the course? Is it a technique or an approach to drawing. Have you started to find your flow? Creating regularly opens up so many ideas and seeing your book evolve has, I hope, inspired you to keep on drawing. 

As the course comes to a close let's look back at the creative journey that I have taken you on.


In Week 1 you prepared your sketchbook with coloured and textured pages to move you through fear of the white page and beyond pencil on white paper. You also did the Fearless Drawing tutorials to loosen you up and stop any 'whispering'. I encouraged you to draw outside and embrace scale. 


In Week 2 the lessons were about using a variety of media - bringing some colour to your sketchbook process. We looked at creating pages and backgrounds that invite you to create on them. Working through the tasks you created set ups of objects and drew from them. 

In Week 3 the emphasis moved towards collage - creating sheets of textured papers and I took you through some of the ways that I use collage in my books.

In Week 4 I encouraged you to ditch what didn't work - and add spaces for more of what did. The layers of colour, pattern, drawn line, and collage all came together in a marvellous epiphany ;)

I hope that you have learnt a lot from being able to see over my shoulder as I create my sketchbooks. 


Please let me know how this course has changed the way you create - what you have enjoyed most and what you are most proud of in your sketchbook. 

Please could you leave me some feedback? Click below to be taken to the form. 


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