On my Online Travel Sketchbook course, students are introduced to my approach to drawing and creating mixed media sketchbooks. With a combination of video tutorials and creative tasks, students are encouraged to go out to explore and draw what they see, learning to make decisions about what to exclude and include in each piece. As the course develops, collage, pattern and colour are introduced to create a rich sketchbook full of ideas to develop at home, and full of memories and a sense of place.

You can find out more about the course and booking here. There is also a book to accompany the course.

I have printed this book to accompany my online Travel Sketchbook course. It's 80 pages of sketches, photos, pattern and development work taken from the sketchbooks I created in Gozo and Menorca during the development of the course. It's there to act as a reminder of the processes introduced during the course, or for you to look at and decide whether the course is for you. Or it is a book of inspiration to feed your creative soul. It's the sixth book in a series about my work and sketchbooks.


You can find out more, and purchase them here.


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