Now the fun starts!! Using your non-dominant hand gives your brain so much to concentrate on there is no time for it to also be telling you what you are doing isn't good enough!! It's also a great way of getting bolder if you are prone to doing a timid drawing. Enjoy exaggerating the forms.

ps. Michaelangelo was very good at drawing - but I'm not a realist and I draw for a different reason :)

What is it that inspires you about what you have chosen to draw? Is it the swirls of rose petals, the serrated edges of a leaf? Is it the foliage or the flowers? Do you like the veins on the leaves or the bold outer shape or structure? These are all decisions that you make as you edit the scene and decide what you want to capture. 

Try switching between drawing tools so that you can make strong lines more dominant and start to layer the marks. 

Just a reminder of the different ideas we have tried:

  • line drawing - go big, bold and out to the edges

  • continuous line drawing - find the flow between the shapes

  • draw with your non-dominant hand and see what happens when you get loose and bold

  • draw in layers with different media

  • if you have drawn on loose sheets you can fold them into booklets and see what shapes, patterns and marks juxtapose against each other. 

When you have done these drawing challenges, you can chuck them in the bin if you want to - or you might actually like one or two of them! Tell us what happened in the forum - and show us your favourite if you are feeling brave. Remember this is a starting point for drawing.

Now that you have some approaches to drawing, you can tackle anything! Just stay open minded. When you draw you are capturing something - not everything. You are choosing. It's your unique way of seeing the world. We can leave out objects, we can draw some as abstract shapes and focus in on the details of others. Allow yourself to be intuitive instead of judgemental. 

When you have been over to the forum to share your experience, please click the link below and let me know what you thought of the course. There is a discount there if you would like to upgrade to the 'Draw Mixed Media sketchbooks' module. 


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