Before we can get drawing, we need a set-up to draw from. When we like what's in front of us are are more inspired to draw. 

For the purpose of this drawing course, we are going to create a layout on a board. You will need to collect together small objects from around your home. These might include a decorative saucer, a spoon, old tins or bottles, packaging, shells, pebbles, keys.

You might want to work with a theme:

Garden - seed packets, labels, flower head, sprig of leaves, secateurs, pebbles

Memory board - items that relate to a person or a place

Colour - collect together all blue items or any colour that appeals.

Try to gather items that mix textures, some manmade and some organic, some patterned items. You need about 15-20 items.

Once you have all your items together, lay them out on a board. We are going to do this in a 'flatlay' style (you can Google this term if it's new to you) and draw them from above. You will need a board such as a chopping board or a piece of card approx 30cm x 30cm to lay out your items.

When you place the items they could be in rows or blocks, or higgledy piggledy. Place the items so they overlap rather than stay separate to each other. Introduce some fluid lines with a sprig of leaves, or string or ribbon. You can see the idea below....

The board can be rejigged once you get drawing - this is just a starting point. 

Once you have set up your board, take a photo and pop over to the forum to show everyone. 


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