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Summer is when I feel most inspired. There is so much to feast my eyes on! Often there is too much and I feel pulled away from art making whilst I explore and connect. 

It is time to gather, to continue in the act of noticing. But also to play away from home, to visit galleries and seek out inspiration to shape my creative growth. What can you gift yourself to inspire and nourish your creative development?

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12/13 July 2025

Art and Wellbeing Retreat

Held in a 16th century building with views across the beautiful Derbyshire Dales this two-day retreat will give you the time and space to embrace the season in a curated, multi-sensory day of noticing, ritual and art making.  

06 June 2025

Draw the Season

An in person one day workshop to get you past fear of the white page and embracing mixed-media sketchbooks.

Held in a light studio overlooking the River Trent you will gather, look, draw and collage with a series of invitations to draw bolder and find your sketchbook flow.


Community through creativity is important to me. When you sign up for an online course you get to join my online forum, The Nurtured Artist.

I write to share my Meditations on Creativity and those who subscribe receive a monthly mini-lesson and inspiration, directly to their inbox.

Summer 30 day art retreat

If you can't join me in person, why not give yourself permission to rest, reflect and grow with the season with my online offering that builds upon the lessons of my wellbeing retreat and keeps you focussed on growing your art.

Coming soon...

A Dose of creativity

If you don't have much time or would like to try out a session before committing to a longer course, my online creative 'doses' give you a structured session so that you can build your own dynamic mixed-media sketchbooks. Delivered with a large dose of encouragement to help you get through creative block.

Find me at...


This season you can see work from my current collection of originals, prints, cards and books at:

Online at

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I create mixed-media art inspired by the changes in the landscape through the seasons. Nature connects me to myself and colour helps me express from my soul. You can find my originals, limited edition and open edition prints here.

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Morning Glory - Limited edition giclee print

Helen Hallows web - Summer.jpg

Radiant Sun - Open edition print

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Helen Hallows Summer web.jpg
HelenHallows-Summer 2 web.jpg

Helen, you are such a gifted and creative teacher it is hard to separate out the class content! I do not think I can think of a class I did not love.

Kathy G

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