This isn't so much of a task - more a review of what you have done today - or over the last few days if you have spread the tasks out. 

Revisiting the tasks from the course, you have:

  • Made a sketchbook your own to get past fear of the white page and bring a season's palette to your sketchbook

  • gathered objects on a theme

  • Created a board to draw from

  • Worked on getting looser and more confident with your mark making

  • Drawn in different ways and hopefully become less judgemental of your drawings

  • Added washes and different marks

  • Added collage and layers

  • Added text and pattern

What I want you to take away from this course is to be more curious - to say what if I do this, or try that. Not every page will be Instagram worthy but if you keep processing what you see, and layering techniques, some will be. And that is good enough!

I hope you have enjoyed the course and have finished full of ideas for working in to your sketchbooks, making backgrounds, and creating a story of the season.

Before you go, please visit the forum and tell us what you liked about the course today, and how you envisage using the ideas from the workshop.

I would also be grateful if you could leave me some feedback about your experience today. :)

Don't forget I have other classes available for you to print, make and create mixed media sketchbooks - you can get 10% off another online course with code BOOKAGAIN10. In the summer I will also be running a Garden Sketchbook course with 30 days of tasks. 

You can also buy my season sketchbooks to see more of my processes and response to nature. Click here to visit my shop.


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