Once you have a sketchbook of some loose, bold drawings you can begin to play with the shapes and patterns that you have been exploring. For me this is the most enjoyable part and where the magic happens - otherwise known as happy accidents! I work in an intuitive way without an agenda and just see what happens.

The shapes become simplified - you edit the information that you have been collecting through drawing. It's easy to think that the shapes that you derive from your drawings are over simplistic - but without the drawing research you have been doing, you wouldn't arrive at the simple forms.

You have also made decisions along the way around colour - you selected a palette for your objects board - even if you didn't realise that you were doing so. Like the clothes we choose - we have a palette we are naturally drawn to. 

Before you start the next task, collect together some papers that you can cut from - or you could paint some sheets of paper. Think about having some lights and darks, some patterns and plains. Think about your palette - is it neutrals or a rainbow of brights?

Don't forget you can repurpose packaging, wrapping paper and old envelopes (the insides often have beautiful patterns) if you don't have time to create stash of papers. 

In my 'live' workshops, there is often a sign of relief when the coloured paper boxes and scissors come out. Those who had negative blocks around drawing with a pencil feel less challenged by drawing with scissors - which is exactly what cutting a shape is.


So now we are going to have some fun drawing with scissors...

The simplified forms of collage (you need to simplify or it gets too fiddly!) might allow you to work back into areas in your book. You can probably put away your board of objects now and instead respond to your sketchbook and add to each page to embellish the pages. You can also use collage to work on top of bad drawings and then draw back over the top. Think of your book as evolving - work intuitively, add geometric pattern against more fluid drawings to create contrasts. Fill in spaces with the text from your objects board, play with scale and redraw objects at different sizes.

The slide show on the welcome page will show you more on the development of my sketchbook pages.

By now I hope you have lost yourselves in the creative process - that each task has absorbed you more and more and that you've forgotten who I am! ;)

If you get a chance - please visit the forum and show us what you've been up to!


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